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Utah Country Band to Receive Award for Best Country Blues Music

Los Angeles – The Rusty River Band based in Utah will receive the Akedemia Music Award for best country blues EP on April 21st, 2016.

The Akedemia Awards are held in Los Angeles, California and give international recognition for artists that have impressed six expert judges, enough to gain their support to commercial success.

The Rusty River Band’s latest project, Moonshine, earned them the opportunity to accept this reward in front of a room filled with media representatives, fellow artists and veteran music industry executives.

The music features a mix of blues, country and rock and roll. Jeff Collins, lead singer and Eric Spring, lead guitarist, have a natural performance chemistry that reflects the best of the musical backgrounds both artists have been developing individually for years.

They describe their sound as a mix of folk, country rock and rockabilly influenced by bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd.

“The new album is rock solid country blues rooted in in the soils of hard work, love and the freedom to live life loud,” Spring said.

“My favorite response from people is when they say they haven’t heard anything like us, but they like it,” Collins added. He believes his partnership with Spring continues to challenge his development as a songwriter.

These musicians find their inspiration in different forms. Collins, who hails from Lewiston, Idaho, seeks his from his surroundings where even something as simple as “rain hitting the windshield” can motivate a song. Spring, who originates from San Diego, says he finds his muse in classic rock icons and the “articulation and genius in the music of Bob Dylan.”

Both members of the band eagerly await the opportunity to have their music reach others to become a similar inspiration.

The Rusty River Band has performed in numerous venues including the Concerts at Park City series held during the Sundance Film Festival. They recently signed with Stephanie DeGraw and Power Media Entertainment, and are eager for the future concerts and radio plays that will come from this alliance.

Music is available online on Google Play, Pandora, Spotify and Itunes at


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