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Utah Band Releases Music Video After Winning Best Experimental Rock Album Award

Salt Lake City, UT – Utah rock band IDLEMINE is releasing their first official music video after receiving the award for best Best Experimental Rock Album at the Akademia Awards in Los Angeles recently.

The Akedemia Awards are a night of international recognition for upcoming artists that have impressed six expert music industry judges enough to gain their support to commercial success.

This three piece band celebrated winning by filming a new music video for their single “Racer” in the notorious Nelson ghost town in Nevada.

IDLEMINE’S album titled “SIX”, was recently distributed on iTunes and Google Play.

The music style for “Racer” is intended by IDLEMINE to echo old rock, when songs were written about having fun and good times. It was also inspired by the feeling of speeding in a classic muscle car, which fits the imagery used by Power Media Entertainment and Cuttlefish Studios to create the video.

“The video had a different direction when we started planning it, but the finished product did a great job creating a storyline that says ‘rock is dead’ and we’re bringing it back with a new speed of sound. The video tells the tale of a ghost town brought back to life through IDLEMINE’S lively music,” said Todd Reising, band creator and bass player.

During the filming, tourists to Nelson from all over the country got a glimpse of the video shoot. IDLEMINE rewarded their audience by handing out free bumper stickers and CDs. The band believes they gained an unexpected set of fans from the encounter.

Abel Ames, who wrote the single, is the guitarist and vocalist. The drummer, Tracy Neilsen was introduced to Reising and Ames, who have history of writing instrumental music for background music.IDLEMINE has completed the last puzzle of their rock sound, which includes a touch of metal to push their messages through.

IDLEMINE’S musical inspiration comes from the band’s life experiences.

They have toured in six states and performed over 200 shows. Awards for IDLEMINE include; #15 in Billboards World song contest, the To Watch List on 360 Magazine, 4 songs on Rockband, and now the Akademia Award for Best Experimental Rock Album.

“We’re in the middle of writing our next album in the hopes to land the next big movie score,” Reising said. “The band is constantly working on future projects. We’re always looking for that next door to open and we hope you all enjoy our sound.”

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