Idlemine’s sound is a hybrid of Experimental, Instrumental Rock. Idlemine has an eclectic sound coupled with pounding drums and Phenomenal Bass and Guitar riffs.

Their Element is deep. The guitar always shines bright and they have Very intelligent song compositions as well. Idlemine is hip and fresh, an overall gem with every instrument telling a story with seamless pieces from beginning to end leaving you on edge with heart wrenching instrumentation.

Idlemine has great production and track fabrication furnishing us with a colossal sound. We are a Three Piece group based out of Salt Lake City UT.

You can Jam along with Idlemine on ROCKBAND and our music is in many different TV shows, action sports films, videos, short films and compilation CDs.

Idlemine has toured throughout many parts of the U.S, and continues Playing live Locally and Nationally. Idlemine was born in 2002, and has since played over 236 shows in 4 states and recorded over 100 songs in their catalog.

The music genre for Idlemine is described as Experimental, Instrumental Rock due to their wide range of writing and music composition.