Joey Ugarte and the  Jazz Vibrations are a RARE combination of top performers who each have been passionate about their music from very young ages.

They each have been performing in Las Vegas [and in several other countries] for many years. And when these six Musical Artists finally got together, the sounds they created were nothing short of phenomenal!

For Joey, his music and his creative talent not only come from deep in his soul, but deep in the generations of his family. His father Frank Ugarte who played drums in his band “The Frank Ugarte Trio” and his uncle Ismael “Ish” Ugarte who played the upright bass were the two biggest influences for him.

Taking after his father, Joey started drum lessons at age 7½. He was such a natural, only 6 months later he was the only “Featured Young Player” in a concert event at Carnegie Hall with greats like Buddy Rich and Chico Hamilton.

It was the early influence of his father’s Latin band that created the passion Joey felt as he moved from his drums to playing the congas later on in his life. His uncle Ish, who played with Bobby Shore and George Shearing, deeply rooted in him the rhythm of the bottom notes and the sounds of the beautiful Broadway tunes and other renderings from the Great American Song Book.

With Joey’s seeds of creation stirring from these deeply rooted early years, he once again felt the rhymes of a sound he had longed to play. This sound is uniquely his as it has flavors from his Latin heritage adding anunbelievable richness.

While he was developing the sounds and the styles of these Jazz, Latin and Brazilian rhymes, his task would be to hand pick the right artists to bring it to life. As each artist came into place, bringing their own vast knowledge, experiences and passion, Joey encouraged everyone to express their own heart felt creativity and what poured out was the blended harmonies of magnificence.